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the goddess

Full Moon In Pisces Ritual – Yes Its Tomorrow

So I am trying to construct a full moon ritual, knowing my participants, I am even more loony. One, likely will be hesitant to participate fully, the other will joyously enjoy as much as I can volley. The best course of action is probably to do what I do & let my silly participants work…

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Divine Feminine Daily Office, Take 1

I have come to myself, in a fashion. As many of you know, I am an Episcopalian. I like that about myself. I should say, I like the religion for many reasons. Most of them center around the fact that they, struggle and wrestle with the idea that what Christ taught may be valid. They…

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The Mammoth Hunters Review: The case for Vincavec

I have been re-reading Jane Auel’s Earth’s Children Book Series. It is amazing. It has to be. I rarely re-read books, even the great ones. However, for the sake of having another friend read it, I decided to embark on Ayla’s long journey. I just finished The Mammoth Hunters. It was an incredibly difficult book…

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Badass in Heels: A Power Ballad!

What is feminism? What is a feminist? Does being a feminist or holding onto the ideal of feminism pigeonhole a person into being dowdy or dumpy or old? And is the corollary valid that if you dress feminine and wear jewelry and make-up that you have somehow abandoned feminism? How about this question…if your man,…

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Do you believe in Magic ? I do

Do you believe in magic? I was among a group of friends yesterday who forced me to take the stance of magic. I don’t care what you call this place: Euphoria? Atonement? Enlightenment? Peace? Utter Joy? Magic? Any time the story takes us to some literal reading of the Bible, I cringe. I know I…

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Fierce Women: Digging Deeper Into the Easter Season

This is not going to be a historical tome on Eostre and Easter and where the two divide and meet. I can’t take much of that outside of a classroom. What I am most intrigued with isn’t historical mumbo jumbo, its these fierce women all around me. First, let me tell you all that I…

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