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mental health

Lent…Forgiveness…Reconciliation…Happiness: Real? Real.

I don’t know why I felt like referencing Hunger Games with that title except that the story of Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen in the final book/movie, Mockingjay is one of reconciliation and forgiveness. If you will recall, Peeta was captured, tortured and given hallucinogenic drugs to torture him into believing that Katniss had betrayed…

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A Joyful Life Doesn’t Mean Constant Happiness

Okay folks…I have been having a hard time. You know how you know? My posts get snarky and responsive. I thought I would remove a couple of them but then I thought about the tricycle article I read about your demons….or my demons…or Milarepa’s demons. The story goes like this Milarepa was a yogi (I…

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Radical Forgiveness: A path to Divine Magic

This is an essay I wrote that was published in my church’s newsletter more than a year, maybe two years ago. This change between anger and hatred through forgiveness to real love and reconciliation altered my perception in a radical way. It opened my eyes to a world of magic. If the Divine could change…

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