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Bordering on the Political

WWYD: What Would You Do?


I was in high school when WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) started. I vaguely remember kids running around with those plastic bracelets. I think by now we can pretty well predict WWJD. The extrapolation is not difficult. Read the Sermon on the Mount. Hell spend a couple of days and read the gospels. Your predictive…

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Contemplating Shame ~ consumentality ~ foucault primer

This is my second essay in my series about Consumentality….I didn’t feel like we could discuss this new concept one second longer without a bit of background as to my theoretical leanings and a bit of a discussion of the discourse that spawned such a deep, dark, and scary endeavor. Last night at my church group…

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Badass in Heels: A Power Ballad!

What is feminism? What is a feminist? Does being a feminist or holding onto the ideal of feminism pigeonhole a person into being dowdy or dumpy or old? And is the corollary valid that if you dress feminine and wear jewelry and make-up that you have somehow abandoned feminism? How about this question…if your man,…

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The Myth of Tolerance And Why Liberals Are to Blame

I am sure you have seen these bumper stickers plastered all over liberal hippy scum cars. Right? They are usually right above the big “Namaste” sticker. Every time I see one of these stickers I cringe with disgust. I cannot stand that we (Yes, I am part of the liberal hippy scum culture) have allowed…

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