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Body Issues

Contemplating Shame ~ consumentality ~ foucault primer

This is my second essay in my series about Consumentality….I didn’t feel like we could discuss this new concept one second longer without a bit of background as to my theoretical leanings and a bit of a discussion of the discourse that spawned such a deep, dark, and scary endeavor. Last night at my church group…

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Badass in Heels: A Power Ballad!

What is feminism? What is a feminist? Does being a feminist or holding onto the ideal of feminism pigeonhole a person into being dowdy or dumpy or old? And is the corollary valid that if you dress feminine and wear jewelry and make-up that you have somehow abandoned feminism? How about this question…if your man,…

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How are you that thin when you eat like that?

This is the question of my life. If I could solve this riddle I would at once be a supermodel, a billionaire, and a modern marvel. So what sparked this tirade? Well, every day I get a plethora of blogs in my inbox. Most of them are cute Mormon women who do everything  in some…

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