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Bigmouths Unite! I Will Never Be Quiet.

I am SICK and TIRED of this. There is no stopping it. There is no getting over it. There is really little use in controlling it. Me being quiet will NEVER happen. Let me repeat myself…. I WILL NEVER BE QUIET!! So what propelled this little blog of rage, you ask? Well…It could be hormones.…

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Contemplating Shame ~ consumentality ~ foucault primer

This is my second essay in my series about Consumentality….I didn’t feel like we could discuss this new concept one second longer without a bit of background as to my theoretical leanings and a bit of a discussion of the discourse that spawned such a deep, dark, and scary endeavor. Last night at my church group…

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Badass in Heels: A Power Ballad!

What is feminism? What is a feminist? Does being a feminist or holding onto the ideal of feminism pigeonhole a person into being dowdy or dumpy or old? And is the corollary valid that if you dress feminine and wear jewelry and make-up that you have somehow abandoned feminism? How about this question…if your man,…

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Rape vs. Rape: My take on Martin vs. Gabaldon


So, I thought I would let things quiet down a bit before posting my, decidedly sexist, rant on the rapes of Sansa and Jaime. Preface: I read both series of books. I am caught up on Game of Thrones (GOT) and have a few more to go in the Outlander Series. However, I have read…

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Frontal Lobe Paroxysms of a Social Moron

This entire blog displays perfectly why this title fits. It, in and of itself is a frontal lobe paroxysm. Luckily, I  have some really great friends who tell me to blow off these little fits…heck, they even tell me that they are part of why I am so lovable. I tell you this, after becoming…

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The Myth of Tolerance And Why Liberals Are to Blame

I am sure you have seen these bumper stickers plastered all over liberal hippy scum cars. Right? They are usually right above the big “Namaste” sticker. Every time I see one of these stickers I cringe with disgust. I cannot stand that we (Yes, I am part of the liberal hippy scum culture) have allowed…

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