moral divideThere is a moral divide afoot. We know this. If you want more context, read the blog….ummm tome…that I just wrote. To do so, click here. The long and short of it is that some of us were so disgusted by the swamp stocker’s filthy campaign promises and other extended slurs that we felt it disqualified him. What we found out is that not only did it not disqualify him, but this penchant for speaking “what everyone thinks,” actually got him elected. What we are left with is a moral divide the size of a grand canyon.

*Before we get started let me emphasize that this is not political. It is not about policy or plan. It is not about economic strategy or a big or small government. It is not about whether we spend less or more on welfare or war. It is moral because it about basic human decency….how low is the bottom? How much will you tolerate before enough is enough? It left the political realm long ago, if it was ever there with this man.

Now that we know there is a moral divide of epic proportions, what can we do?

That is a great question I have been pondering. Is there any way to persuade those suckling at the Trump tweet? Maybe? Are there things that can make a difference so he can’t turn our country into a tire fire? I have some ideas.

  1. Genuine Curiosity: I have had some success by trying to become genuinely curious about why the Trumplets believe the things they do. Ask for clarity. Let me give an example. I hate to post this filth but I want to explore methods for combating it. I look at this and my instinct is to say that is so mean spirited. I listened to her speech and she said things that needed to be said. She took her time and instead of gloating about her own good work, she talked about being kind to others and making this world a better place by not empowering bullies. However, saying this is never going to work. What may? The point is to get them, on their own, to reconsider what their core values are and how they are getting and constructing their information. Keep getting curiouser and curiouser.
        1. Ask why they think she isn’t grateful?
        2. Ask what, exactly, they think is foolish?
        3. When they stutter keep asking….really keep asking what? why? how?
        4. When they balk and think you are fucking with them, assure them you are really curious.

    People have tried to say that all we must do is listen to each other. That isn’t what I am getting at. The more I listen, the more I am repulsed. The filth is never ending. The point of this exercise is to induce self reflection on the hateful ideas spewing from their mouth.

  2. Organize! Organize! Organize!: We…those who are not very politically active beyond our vote, need to energize. We need to form groups that meet regularly to brainstorm ways that this administration can be thwarted. We must petition local officials from city council members on up the ladder. We must connect with other small groups to form networks for protest, reform, and assisting those that will, necessarily, be disenfranchised by this administration.
  3. Pray: Pray to whatever god you worship for him or her or they to have mercy on our country and on these misled souls on the other side of the moral divide. Pray for compassion for the whole of humanity. Pray for equality and justice and love. Pray that those closest to you that are self righteous and entrenched to have a softening of their hearts toward people that are not like them. Pray for our religious and spiritual leaders to stand with us.
  4. Search your soul: What are you willing to watch done to other people? What is your bottom as a viewer, an observer? Even if there is no effect on you…or better, what if there are secondary good effects for you, like economic gain…what manner of suffering inflicted upon others are you willing to put up with? Now is the time to look in the mirror and get really clear where your line is. Mine, obviously has been crossed. Our world is now living on the other side of my line of what is acceptable. If I saw anything…..I am talking anything….in public or in my private, any exchange that smacks of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, or bigotry of any sort, I am standing up against it. NYC stood up! Denver stood up and said, not in my town. When do you stand up?
  5. Then, get off the fence separating the moral divide: This is not a day for fence sitting. Fence sitters watched trainloads of Jews go to their deaths in Germany, never asking questions just trying to get along with the evil occupying force. Do you wish to be this sort of human? That means you will have to do scary things. You will have to be more courageous than you thought possible. You will have to carry your cross out in public. This is dangerous, I can’t lie to you. I can’t sugar coat this. But today is the day when you are called upon to stand up and say. I stand for love and kindness and goodness. I don’t agree with a religious litmus tests. I don’t agree with a deportation force. I don’t believe your lie that Mexicans are rapists. I believe that if you grab a woman by their genitals, it doesn’t matter what your economic status is, it is sexual assault. I don’t believe in making fun of disabled people. The answer, no matter how scared you are in mixed company, is not “well I bet they have a lot of bad things to say about Hillary.” Be strong! Be true to your good character. Declare what is right and let your pure light of goodness shine forth.

This is my short list. If you have ideas that you think may really have an impact, leave a comment. The wolf is in charge of the hen house in T-minus 10 days…tick…tick….tick….

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