moral uncoverinI haven’t been riled up like this in some time. However, the Twitteror-in-chief’s inauguration is like a countdown clock of destruction. At the bottom of my stomach, when I am quiet and still with myself, what the Great Divine Mother whispers through my body is sadness for us all. Deep, utter sadness at this whole thing. This sadness is the sadness of a father covering his children’s eyes to shield them from their dying mothers body at the scene of an accident. It is the sadness of Her sweet voice, “I am so sorry you had to see this, but now you know. What are you going to do with it now?”

The problem may have been my naivete all along. I am willing to swallow that. I had a deep belief in the goodness of humanity. I had a deep commitment that certain terrible things, no matter what side of the political spectrum you were on, like mocking a disabled person, would disqualify you from the presidency. Heck, until this year, I believed that they would disqualify you from being on the City Council or even being president of a high school ASB. There are certain things that are so distasteful that they sink below the range of human foible or political maneuvering.  We expect men and women to have personal demons, for example. Politicians succumbing to affairs or drugs. They are human. We also know that to be a politician is to be able to spin things in a way that makes your side look good. This may veer into “lie” area. We don’t like that, but it is part of the game. (More on this later.) What I think Mr. Trump embodies is so far below these things as to be ridiculous. Why won’t I hold hands and sing Kumbaya around your campfire on the 20th? Because I will be out protesting this filthy thing that happened to my country.

Always, something prompts my patience to the point that I HAVE to write or I am going to cry or scream or both. This time it is church. I go to a liberal, Episcopal church. If you don’t like the liberal label, go suck it. We have a woman priest and have many openly gay members. We don’t believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible…unless you want to go there, make your argument. We liberal Episcopalians are big on not just supping up the tales of some portions of Christianity. We don’t believe, for example, that the Earth is 19,000 years old.  So…this is a funny place, you may think, for such tension to rise. Well, it did. I said I didn’t want to talk about politics. I said it multiple times to the group. I explained why I didn’t want to…because once these things were out and said and known, you can’t un-know them. But no….we were urged on…I was even told to get off my cell phone so that I could participate in a conversation that I already said I didn’t want to be a part of. I was trying to block it out by playing Cascade. Ok…Ok…Let’s go! Game on!

I am not going to tell you specifically what happened, suffice it to say that there was a huge elephant in the room. You know me with elephants in rooms…..yes, I unleashed a bit! However, even in my fervor, there were many things left unsaid!

  1. If you voted for DT. You may not be a racist, misogynist, xenophobe…etc., but somehow, somewhere you are ok with the filth going on. There is so much filth…I think he drained the swamp and created a cesspool. Again…mocking the disabled, advocating the right of rich, famous, powerful men to assault women, the fear mongering and hate-mongering toward Mexicans and Muslims. My God…He appointed Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist. Somewhere you are ok with emboldening these racists and hateful people, else you wouldn’t have voted for him. I AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE A RACIST, BIGOT, MISOGYNIST, OR XENOPHOBE! What I am saying is that now I know that you are not horrified by them in your presence. You are not distrustful of them. You are fine with them being empowered. That is what you signed up for and you knew it when you voted for him.
  2. This is not about politics. Wait! What? This is all about politics. Oh, no it isn’t. I can have a debate with a conservative about the free market or government regulation or military intervention or public assistance and we can agree to disagree. I want to hear what their position is. I am curious where they get their stats. Nothing I love more than a hearty debate. Problem is, that is not what this is, at all! Not by a long shot. This is about the dregs of shit, bottom of the barrel, worst America has to offer. It is what allowed slavery. It is what allowed segregation and violence toward people of color and homosexuals. It is the acceptance of fear over love. It is the acceptance of scapegoating and the willingness of your head to suspend disbelief about your opponent so that the worst most vile urges of the human heart are vaunted forth as worthy. Greed and myopia combine to create an America I know not. This is about where your heart is. Can you stand with a person who mocks a disabled man? Can you stand with a person who advocates a deportation force or litmus tests based upon religion or torture? This is not a political problem, my friend. It is a moral one.
  3. Hillary…oh sad Hillary. I didn’t even vote for the woman in the primaries. I voted for Bernie, but you all knew that. I don’t want to defend her. She doesn’t represent my agenda, necessarily. If we had a real discussion about her, I would tell you there are many places where she and I part ways. With that said, last night it was thrown out that somehow DT voter’s problems with HRC were equivalent to the filth that has been spewing forth from the group we all elected. That is a big bunch of crap! Why would I say that? I don’t even like her…I mean not excitedly and with gusto.  So why won’t I believe the garbage? Because I did  my research on her. Because I read, credible news sources like BBC until my eyes hurt. I read the entire FBI report released I consumed every credible news article about every problem you all have about her…and you know what? The Earth isn’t 19,000 year old…it just aint. And, your accusations about HRC are just lies. This is the doublethink at work. DT is going to tell lies to everyone about everything from Mexicans being rapists all the way down the line. Then we are going to flip the script and call my opponent “crooked”. Genius…evil as fuck, but genius. Whatever she calls you, just turn it around and call her that back, no matter how many sources say 75-80% of what comes out of Prima Donald’s mouth is CROOKED!
  4. “We voted for him because he says what everyone is thinking.” This is another hideous statement that is made by DT voters that gives all of us ammunition aplenty. Over and over I hear it. If this is the case, then we are more disgusting and wretched than I believed. What is he saying that everyone is thinking? Say it specifically. Say it out loud. Then listen to yourself. That is why we can’t just come together. Because folks, this is what you are really thinking. You said it, not me.
  5. So….that is where we are. When we look at people, we have been so overwhelmed at our naivete about this, we want to know how low is your bottom? We were so taken aback that so many of you are really “thinking” all these things or, at minimum…just okay with them on your side. It goes back to my original assessment of the problem. You may not be a racist. You, personally, may not be thinking these things. But….and this is a HUGE but….a you elected a person that ran promising terrible things and talking about other people in terrible ways, almost all of which were propaganda and lies. You bought into him to save us from ….what? Liberalism? You stand by a person who has emboldened, legitimized, and normalized the ugliest and rankest filth of the human heart. Fear, Racism, Greed, Lust, Bigotry, Vulgarity….This is what you stand with, whether you like to hear it, or not.
  6. Last night also brought out a tough moment that all us on the outside of the Trumpeter’s Regime will necessarily face. What is your bottom? Are we to be bystanders, watching as people do rotten things to others and instead trying ever to reconcile with those that elected this monster? I don’t tolerate ugliness…at all. If you are a liberal reading this, search your heart…what is your bottom? What will you not allow to happen in your midst? What, things…when said or done….are so terrible that you must speak up against them. You must say, “this is not right, at all!”
  7. I am afraid. I am afraid for me, but I am also afraid for you, Trump voter that I know. I don’t think the worst of you. I don’t think you are a terrible person. I don’t think you are evil. I think you were misled. I think you listen to a man spinning golden tales of what he alone could do for you and at the same time inciting the most base and ugly fears that reside at the heart of EVERY man. It is not just inside you, you see. Those types of fears and knee jerk reactions that allow you to scapegoat minorities can be stirred up inside any man around if we let it. Your president elect is slick. He knew exactly what to do.An interesting thing comes to mind…You see I was a Mormon a while back and in one of their scriptures, The Book of Mormon, they describe Satan as leading people away with flaxen cords. The exact scripture is this, “And there are also secret combinations, even as in times of old, according to the combinations of the devil, for he is the founder of all these things; yea, the founder of murder, and works of darkness; yea, and he leadeth them by the neck with a flaxen cord, until he bindeth them with his strong cords forever.” What I fear for you all is that you will only know you are bound with strong cords when he takes away your Social Security and Medicare benefits. You will only know that you are bound when it is you that suffers. What is terribly sad is that you voted for a man in spite of, or maybe based upon his promise to hurt other people and in the end, many of you will be the victims of his regime.

This is a time of moral uncovering. We get to see who people really are. What I fear for the DT supporter is that the lesson they are going to have to learn is this: What is your tolerance for cruelty? How much will you allow, accept, and make answers for before it is all just too much? These are lessons that are learned on the playground of violence and hurt. It is a time for looking in the mirror and asking ourselves, “Who am I?” “What does this moral uncovering reveal about my heart?”

What can we do about it? That will have to be the next blog….because right now, I have some plans but IDK folks….this is the upside down world, a twilight zone, a carnival. “Hold on to your hats and glasses, this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness.”

To find out what you can do going forward in the Moral Divide, check out Part 2. To understand what is going and how to navigate this Moral Paradigm Shift, check out Part 3.

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