IMG_3735 So, this Lent I feel like the whole universe went into utter chaos in almost every way that matters to me. Then as if by chance, I snapped out of my victim-hood and into the Goddess that is intertwined, so deeply with Easter. My Easter Holiday Project, this year coincides with many goddess powered posts. It seems as though Ostara…the holiday of the spring equinox…must take over at this time. The mother precedes the son, in all his and her glory. In all the fun, I almost forgot to to decorate for my next holiday decorating project; this time the Easter Holiday Project.

With reckless abandon I decided, on a moment’s notice, to pull my Easter decor out…tree and all. I forgot how many cute little decorations I have. What it really reminded me of what the kind of things you find when a mother pulls out a box of her first born son’s baby items. They were delicate and old and had a slightly masculine bent, even if childlike. It made me understand that with every knockdown I experience I can persevere. I can do more than persevere, I can find joy. I can flourish. I can grow so that the next wave of torrents beckoning at my door won’t look so overbearing. I have been carrying my cross for so long, it is only at this time, when the cross is overcome that a power bigger and decidedly feminine lodges in my frontal lobe smack dab between my eyebrows.







This is a time about a man, a son to be sure. The story, though is the story of a holy mother breathing her life into the virgin womb. The story is of a mother, never giving up, not even in the end. The story is of overcoming this world and the chains of death. The chains of death do not just unbridle the world, general…or Christians, in particular. No, for me, the chains of the son unburden and enervate the fertility and renewal found in the Holy Mother and through the Virgin Mary.

My crafts are just that. They celebrate a Holy Mother paying homage to her deific son. They celebrate her open womb and the fertility in the natural world around us. They celebrate the love of a mother for her son, like a hen brooding over her chicks. IMG_3734

Once again, you can see that I do have a tree. It is a baby blue feather tree decorated with sugared egg garland and a variety of glass bulbs and ornaments. It is also decorated with many rabbit ornaments that are jointed so as to be vaguely reminiscent of Steiff animals.

I made those little felt eggs years ago. I can’t remember how, although I don’t even think there is any glue involved. It was as simple as pinning felt to Styrofoam eggs. The felt stuck like velcro. Then I pinned it on with the pearl head pins. Easy peasy. However, it made a ton of difference to pull out the decorations and suit up and show up whether or not I felt in the spirit or not.

The exercise centered me and gave me direction  as I embark on the next set of storms.

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