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#HolidayProject – Valentine’s Day aka “Love Blooms Eternal”


Welcome to Holiday Project or #holidayproject if I may be so bold. If all goes well we should have quite a few of these blogs documenting my adventures toward holiday spirit. I am working with my favorite life/career coach Lorin Beller to make this year meaningful and create opportunities for deeper relationships.

So…How did #HolidayProject start?

Good question, glad you asked. It blossomed, out of tragedy. It was the lotus flower who nightly sinks into the murk of the swamp only to be reborn, as if my magic out of the sludge. Last year was fairly sludgy. My holiday zeal was at a zero. I am not generally into buying huge stacks of Christmas presents, but normally, I will make crafts for family members all year long for Christmas presents. Heck, normally, I decorate for Halloween like crazy. I even have this huge Halloween tree I drag out. 2015 – Zilch Nada Nothing. The worst part was that it is not like I compensated by going out and buying Christmas presents. Nope. Nobody got a thing. It was a sad, sorry holiday year with grumbly, negative, “to me” energy.

(what is “to me” energy? It is living life like your life is happening to you as opposed to “for me” energy that posits that the things in your life are happening for you. That is, the universe is conspiring for your benefit)

January rolled around and, to be honest, I am usually in a bit of a slump in January because I have been working so hard all year and now it is over. It is a bit of an anticlimax. This year, probably because I didn’t do a damn thing last year, was not like that. In fact, the energy shift in my world was dramatic and involves multiple tangible and internal symbols. As stated, I became involved with Lorin Beller and her yearly Big Fish program and I am on fire.

One of the things that I want is a meaningful year. I want a year with fun and connections and relationship building. One of the ways I want to accomplish this is being in the holiday spirit. Thus, #holidayproject is formed.

What is #holidayproject and how can I jump on board?


#holidayproject is a commitment to being in the holiday spirit all year long, whatever that looks like for you. For me, I love the traditional “pagan” (rotfl) holidays, overlaid by the Episcopal church calendar. So we have unlimited opportunities for holiday spirit. I am starting with Valentine’s Day. If I am really going to decorate, I like to leave the decorations up long enough to enjoy, which usually is a month. My Husband put up these lights at the end of last year and I love them. They will be incorporated into all my decorations. Anyhow, right before V-day, we will celebrate Mardi Gras and hop on into Lent a little late. Nonetheless, you get the idea. Every holiday that has meaning to me, I want to feel and enjoy and learn from. I want to hear what the calendar can teach me.




So I figure that beyond all these cool heart decoration lies some important lessons about love. I want to connect with people I love. I want my relationships to benefit with #holidayproject. So, along with the decor, I want to do fun things a la “12 days of Christmas” that lead us up to the holiday. For Valentine’s Day, I am going to start on 2/1 and make a heart for each day, one for my husband and one for my son, out of construction paper. On it, I will write one thing I love about them. By the time Valentine’s day blossoms. There will be “14 things I love about you” for my men to know.



The other part of Valentine’s Day will be sharing that special day, with my special somebody. I haven’t decided, yet, how to make that marvelous. We’ll see what I come up with.

Join with me in #holidayproject and make your year spectacular and your relationships richer by living in the moment of the holiday.

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