healthyselfSo today I came across a blog in which they were featuring sweet potato sliders. I am a vegetarian so I took a gander. They look great, but why the sweet potatoes as buns? and then, I started reading. Their family is eliminating foods that cause inflammation. Implicated in that list were gluten, soy, and dairy. Hmmmm. What is going on in our society? Why is everyone so sensitive to all this food? Why on earth does normal, every day food that we all ate for 100s of years suddenly cause this huge inflammatory response in so many of us? and the best question….

Why isn’t anyone getting to the bottom of it?

Seriously folks, just eliminating categories of food is crazy. And, let me promise you something, it aint ending there. Whatever you have eliminated, it is just the beginning of your nightmare. Why? Because the problem isn’t with the food, per se. It is with your gut and what is causing your gut problems. You can heal yourself and it is not through eliminating more and more food groups.

What is my gut problem?

If you are having major inflammatory responses to a variety of foods, you may want to consider the possibility that your gut is too porous. So, our guts are like sieves with micro holes. Only the very smallest of particles is let in through the cilia inside our intestines. However, what happens when those holes get bigger and larger particles are let through? I’ll tell you! Your food is viewed by your body as an invader. Your body sends out white blood cells to attack these large particles. When that happens you get allergies to many different foods. However, other times the food particle will bond with a white blood cell and float about your stream. When it lands on a part of your body, guess what you get? You guessed it, an inflammatory response.

Why is my gut leaky?

Well, a big reason is our food supply is tainted by GMOs. There are two types of GMOs…actually there are many types, but there are two that dominate our food supply. One, soy based, allows Round up to be sprayed on the plant without it dying. So now we are all walking around with measurable amounts of Round up in our blood. The second type, in corn (which, btw is in EVERYTHING you buy in your normal supermarket) explodes the stomachs in bugs. Hmmm. what does it do to your gut? Explodes the cilia that resemble the stomachs of other animals. This creates holes that are big enough for particles to get through. You, literally, have sores in your intestines from this stuff.

What can I do to stop my inflammatory response?

Well, inflammatory responses are just one of a myriad of problems caused by GMOs. These tips can be helped for all problems caused by the GMO/leaky gut issue.

  1. Stop eating GMOs
  2. Heal thyself: There are a great many natural products that will give your gut a break and allow it to repair itself: L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, pro-biotics, etc. Ask the gal at Sprouts, she usually knows her stuff. Or, send me an e-mail. Although I can’t prescribe you anything, I can give you an idea of products that have worked for other people I know.
  3. Enzymes: While your gut is healing, take huge doses of enzymes to prevent this inflammatory response. It will break down your food into small enough particles that you can eliminate the inflammatory loop you have gotten yourself into. I would take them vigilantly, with every meal
  4. Take products, like a good Turmeric, to reduce inflammation in your body.

Eliminating food groups, is putting a band-aid on a life threatening wound.

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