So…you may or may not know that I just got a pet, a pet bunny. If you don’t know, you don’t follow me on social media because I am fairly obsessed with my bunny, Reggie. He is my everything. I have not had a pet as an adult and I certainly have never had a pet that I adored the way I adore Reg. He is lovely and wonderful and soft..and a bunny. Furthermore, he has changed my life, both in practical ways and spiritual ways. This, little 3 pound mammal has changed my life. Physically, I am not a hermit in my bedroom. I want to be out with the world…with Reggie. Also, I can go out in the world with ease. He accompanies me. We are friendly partners in the world. It started that I just wanted to0 keep him cool but it ended with me getting much more than I bargained for.So….what did little Reggie give me spiritually?

Well, here it is….

  1. You are not in control of other entities: That is right, bunnies are bunnies. No matter what I say or do or photo 3cajole, he will never be a cat or a dog or a hamster or a goat he is a lovely Reggie bunny and I have to love what he is. He is wonderful and amazing but he will not behave differently than what he is, no matter what I do. You see, I am a person who, deep down blames herself when someone is having a bad time. I want to make it better. I assume control I don’t have. Reggie is Reggie…he won’t everĀ  be anything else. Just like our human counterparts. We need to live our lives the best we can and then other people can respond or not. How they respond is a measure of who they are…who they can be…not who you are.
  2. Your heart is bigger than you know. You have this idea that you like what you like and you don’t like what you don’t like and it is fixed. That is a load of horse shit. Reggie taught me that I could love anĀ  animal. I never believed that. I have a heightened sense of smell. “I don’t want to clean up poop!” I t0ld myself. That was all wrong. When I opened myself to love my heart expanded with it. It was every bit as moving as having a child. It changed my perception of who I was, spiritually, and what my heart was capable of.
  3. Love no matter what. As I said at the start, bunnies are bunnies. That is, they are finicky and obstinate and not cuddly, always. They think they are in charge, even though they are only 3 pounds of fluff. Even when they scramble away despite your love, you need to love them anyways. They are so dang lovely.
  4. It is not always about you…in fact, it isn’t about you. This goes along with the above…I now find myself advocating for Reggie’s happiness where I wouldn’t have for any other reason. It isn’t about me, it is about humanity. It is about our world and our wonderful non-human creatures. It is about getting outside our wretched selves to find something bigger and better on the other side. It is a spiritual truth that this world is not about you and you are just too damn self centered to see it. This little creature pointed it out to me, again.
  5. We all rely on each other. Really, I take Reggie everywhere I am allowed to. He helps me in ways, he will never know. I am going to admit something, now…I have severe anxiety, PTSD, to be exact. Reggie has changed everything. I used to put on headphones and tune the rest of the world out so that I could function outside my house. The world was pretty scary. Reggie, has allowed me to go out in the world, happy and content, knowing I can always turn to this four legged creature for love and support. He is always there…although, as a rabbit, he may feel bugged by my love. He relies upon me for food, and cleaning and veterinary care. I rely upon him for just being there and letting me hug him when I need it. We rely upon each other.

photo 5I love my Reggie. It makes me reconsider my ban on pets. They add so much to your life. They expand your heart. They are worth it! Amen!

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