This is the question of my life. If I could solve this riddle I would at once be a supermodel, a billionaire, and a modern marvel. So what sparked this tirade? Well, every day I get a plethora of blogs in my inbox. Most of them are cute Mormon women who do everything  in some lovely cross between the Pioneer Woman and Martha Stewart. Like the Pioneer Woman, they seemingly cook and eat an awful lot of great food. Unlike the Pioneer Woman, they are the size of my pinky finger….and my pinky finger aint too big.

As you may or may not know, I recently lost 40 pounds through my mentor coach and Take Shape For Life. In fact, it was such an easy way to lose the weight that I became a health coach and I, now assist people in reaching their optimum weight. One of the tenets, or healthy habits of this plan that make it lifelong is accountability. I get on the scale most mornings. Yesterday,  I weighed in at 120.6. I stayed on plan pretty dang good until around 7. When I had 2 pieces of sushi and a beer. Mind you, I have eaten sooo good all day and it is only 2 pieces of sushi….no onion rings, no chocolate from See’s. I wake up this morning and I weigh in at 122. I know the chatter…”it is probably water, there was a lot of sodium in that soy sauce.”  I don’t know.

Then, as if to taunt me, I open my inbox to the smiling face of the thinnest cutest bloggers, blogging about late night sushi and ice cream parties. Check out the girls

10369364_287377324774199_1407572269_nand then check out the food they were eating…and at night

1172056_756873547680284_1798052317_nDid I mention I eat 2 pieces of sushi and a beer and I am up a pound and a half. Bitter much, today? I love being small, don’t get me wrong. It is super fun and exciting to wear whatever you want whenever you want. It is fun to be able to move and do push ups and most days, I don’t give one lick that some skinny girl gets to eat whatever she wants. But today….for one day I want to eat Sushi and ice cream out of waffle cup bowls late at night and not have to worry that I am ruining my chances of eating anything but shakes and bars for the next week. I just want to know what their trick is….seriously, our doll over at picky palate (she really is a cute thing, don’t you think?) isn’t the only one. There is a whole litany of these super super tiny skinny girls blogging about gnarly food. I am skinny but my blogs are generally about kale. Go figure?

Oh, the woes of maintaining weight loss.



  1. lizz smith on May 23, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    You shouldn’t believe everything thing they claim. Perhaps they didn’t eat the entire day just to have the treats.
    Your journey is a success. Just like anything we aquier in our lives we will always need to maintain.

  2. Rachael Atamian on May 23, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    yeah…i understand that, but I didn’t eat the entire day for 2 measly pieces of sushi and I gained 1.5 pounds. I am just bitter and venting. I think it is part of the weight loss journey. In fact, there are a lot of us girls who have lost weight or are losing that are dealing with a ton of mental issues that losing weight creates, especially in women. Sometimes I just want to drink a Kambucha without wondering if it is going to cost me my sanity the next day. This is just one of them. I am planning on doing a whole series on the ups and downs of going down.

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