Do you believe in magic? I was among a group of friends yesterday who forced me to take the stance of magic. I don’t care what you call this place: Euphoria? Atonement? Enlightenment? Peace? Utter Joy? Magic? Any time the story takes us to some literal reading of the Bible, I cringe. I know I will be forced to make the magic argument.

bible1So…It goes like this. There is a discussion about how the Bible is read and there are a variety of options thrust forward. Maybe not in your groups, but my groups talk about this stuff.  Inevitably,  in my liberal circles, the concept will crop up that the Bible has no magic but is explainable through science and word usage and tides and positive thinking.  This is a perfectly fine liberal stance but it is one that makes me crazy. Crazy… because it belies a world I love, a world I know…the world of magic. If the Bible is entirely explainable down to the virgin birth and Jesus rising from the dead, then my space in life is a much different than yours. I don’t even want to hear that explanatory talk.

Why? Why don’t I want to even hear it? It is not because I don’t want to know that what I believe so dearly is logically explainable through the everyday. It is not because on some intellectual level, I don’t even agree that all that could be possible in our physical experience.  (wait, you agree? Yes, I do). I don’t want to hear it because it DEGRADES MY MAGIC! It makes my world of magic….not. I don’t want my world of Divine Mysteries messed with. Because…sweet thing….I believe in magic.

Why? Why do I believe in magic?

Magical Experiences: I didn’t always live in a magical world having physical experiences. Actually, I did, but I didn’t always magic1realize it.  In fact, about 2010, I had only had a handful of magical experiences. These were experiences, usually involving synchronicity, that cannot be explained by ANY method. However, they were not all these twinkling, in between, moments. They were also moments of forgiveness, atonement, and love. They were magical moments that healed broken hearts in a twinkling of an eye and wedged a soul out of a lifelong (maybe lives long) pattern of acting.  It was actually one of these experience that thrust me headlong over the edge into my land of magic. Check out where I was a while back in my journey here.  Needless to say, once you feel it you want more and more of its magical joy.

I cultivate places to bathe in the magic.

Now, magic is everywhere. But, lets face it, life happens. People are late. Cars don’t work. Kids get sick. Husbands aren’t living in your bubble of love with you. It is nice to find ways to remind your heart where you are. The newest one was found with a wonderful friend of mine at Soul Center OC.

  • The eyes of love: Close your eyes, clear your eyes, look over your world. Look at your world with the eyes of love. Love things in your world. I love the color of the walls. I love my bed. I love my crocheted quilts. I love my husband. I love my family. I love my life. When you meet people love them. Love there hair. Love their smile. Love the magic in their eyes. Feel their soul. Love their soul. Go about your day that way. When you realize you are off track don’t get upset just gently bring your thoughts back to love. See where you get at the end of the day. Don’t you want more of that?
  • Yoga and other practices that forces you to the present: Yoga is so easy and so seriously enlivening I recommend it for everyone on earth. However, it isn’t the only way to get real present, real quick. Being present is the only place I have ever felt magic. Right here. Right now. If you want an amazing yoga instructor check out Sharon Dawson. I follow her about. Great for the beginner and it just gets better the longer you practice.
  • Find a way to forgive: Living in resentment saps the life out of you. Really, any small thing must be taken care of quickly. Don’t let anything fester. However, it must be said that this point, me choosing to forgive, was the pivotal point in my life. God can use forgiveness as a way into your hard little rock of a  heart. It is amazing that God took the worst thing that ever happened to me and turned it into a life more joyful than I could have ever imagined. Look to your greatest hurts and hop on board the forgiveness train for a quick magic injection.

So that brings us the the question of the hour…so what is the magic about? You keep saying “magic” what do you mean?  I mentioned the magical experiences. Well, turn living into a magical experience. It is being in a place where you, divinity, and all sorts of energy in the universe co-mingle in a harmonious state. It is a place of peace and love and best of all, JOY!

What it isn’t is a garden of eden or utopia. My kids come home with less than stellar grades, I am still doing my dishes in a counter top mini-dishwasher (thank God for that), and I am still ramming my head against the wall of medical issues beyond my control. We barely have enough money to get by and my mountain of debt is one I won’t climb out of in a million years. I could really get depressed. I could live in my past…yuck…I don’t even want to go there. It is too terribly ugly. I don’t want to live in the future. There is no future outside my utter reliance on God. I don’t know where I am going for sure in the future.

That brings us to another part of the puzzle:

  • Rely on yourself for nothing, Rely on the Divine for everything. Easier said than done. I have such a hard time remembering this. But it is all part of the same ball of wax. You have to relax into this thing. It can’t be forced. Everything you think you know, you don’t. Everything that seems like it should be one way is not. Living this way allows you to really live in the tidal ebb of the land of magic.

So…what do we have? It is about magical experiences. It is about things that are hidden and counter intuitive. It is allowing yourself. It is about allowing the Divine. It is about total eclipses of the heart. It is about love beyond your ability to describe.  The only catch is, you have to suspend disbelief for one millisecond to let the magic in.

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