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How are you that thin when you eat like that?

This is the question of my life. If I could solve this riddle I would at once be a supermodel, a billionaire, and a modern marvel. So what sparked this tirade? Well, every day I get a plethora of blogs in my inbox. Most of them are cute Mormon women who do everything¬† in some…

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Radical Forgiveness: A path to Divine Magic

This is an essay I wrote that was published in my church’s newsletter more than a year, maybe two years ago. This change between anger and hatred through forgiveness to real love and reconciliation altered my perception in a radical way. It opened my eyes to a world of magic. If the Divine could change…

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Do you believe in Magic ? I do

Do you believe in magic? I was among a group of friends yesterday who forced me to take the stance of magic. I don’t care what you call this place: Euphoria? Atonement? Enlightenment? Peace? Utter Joy? Magic? Any time the story takes us to some literal reading of the Bible, I cringe. I know I…

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