For the last 5 months, I have been working outside the home, not giving one care or worry of how to organize my life. That was an incredible perspective. However, while I was away, the house blew up. And by blew up I really mean blew up. Every surface is covered with crud and things are getting piled upon other things on the floor. I am veering perilously into the land of hoarder….for more reasons than the mess, but I will leave the books out of this for now. Aside from the books, I need to throw away about 1/2 of everything in my home. Jeez, we just collect stuff, don’t we? I need to organize my life.

The problem is that even though I am home again, I have to finish my daughters crocheted quilt. I have been working on it since August. It is immense and needs to be done. NOW! It isn’t done, but it is done enough so that I can devote some time to other things. To that end, I am going to try to organize my life. Okay…stop laughing…no, really….I am serious. I am going to go through Good Housekeeping‘s The Complete Clutter Solution.

photo 1 (3)

My plan was to start this afternoon. Pause….But, I think I need some shelf separators for the kitchen cabinets. I am going to Target as soon as I am done here…..what did I tell you? Stop laughing.  At minimum I am cleaning up the debris.

So, maybe some of you can relate. You are not genetically neat and have issues when things start to pile up. Maybe you have been sick or you have a  job where some of this home stuff gets left behind. Maybe you are like me and your just a happy lady who hates to clean…stuff just piles up for me. Follow me on my adventure to organize my life.  We are starting with the kitchen. Maybe you would like to come along with me. Maybe you have tips of your own. I am turning my crud into cute one cabinet at a time, bound and determined to organize my life.

Here is where I am starting from: Watch out…this kitchen is rotten but it the beginning of my journey to Organize My Life:

photo 5Notice how the cabinet will not even close.

photo 4There is a puzzle on my kitchen table that has been sitting there for about a month with other items stacked on top. The boxes on my kitchen chairs are filled with paper that my daughter used to help my son with his Abraham Lincoln report that was due last month.

photo 3Here you will notice my plethora of vitamins, proteins, and other supplements. This is just one set. I have loose herbs underneath the shelf and I have a first aide sort of cabinet.

photo 2 (2)These bags are bags of products I received from Expo West. They sat on the floor unpacked. No where to put a thing….

This is bearing my heart and soul folks. My house is a wreck. It won’t be for long….promise.





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