I See A Bigger Picture. Do You?

So this may seem like a funny thing to say given what people know of me but I have to say it. I live a charmed life. There. that is the most politically correct way to say what I mean without offending or being boisterous or whatever. What I don’t want this to be, and…
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WWYD: What Would You Do?

I was in high school when WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) started. I vaguely remember kids running around with those plastic bracelets. I think by now we can pretty well predict WWJD. The extrapolation is not difficult. Read the Sermon on the Mount. Hell spend a couple of days and read the gospels. Your predictive…
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back to joy

Back to Joy

It is funny that no matter how hard we try, our natural inclination is toward entropy and disorder. Quite immediately, my “joyful” blog….or my search for “joyful” blog…degenerated into a platform to unleash every rant in my head. In theory, and to be fair, this did spell more joy in my real world. The availability…
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Gutenberg and A Citation Lesson

Okay…so the funniest thing on earth would be that I am going to write and post this essay that I wrote for a class, online and then when I sit down to talk to my professor about it, he will run one of those internet searches and say that now he thinks I lifted the…
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The Story of Trumplethinskin and Why Listening Will Make This Worse Pt-4

Our greatest ideas got us to this ugly place already. This is a place that has been called the Upside Down world or the Twilight Zone. One maddening idea, promoted by the Left, that is part of our “best ideas” is the idea that Donald Trump voters are saying that they feel like they have…
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Navigating the Moral Paradigm Shift – Part 3

What is going on? I’ll tell you. It is a moral paradigm shift. That is what! We can’t rely upon our tried and true methods for logical conversation or determining meaning. Sometimes I feel like I am dog paddling through this world, always on guard for the next loony thing that is going to happen.…
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moral divide

We’ve defined the moral divide, now what? Part 2

There is a moral divide afoot. We know this. If you want more context, read the blog….ummm tome…that I just wrote. To do so, click here. The long and short of it is that some of us were so disgusted by the swamp stocker’s filthy campaign promises and other extended slurs that we felt it…
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moral uncoverin

This is a moral uncovering. Don’t Blink! You may miss something – Part 1

I haven’t been riled up like this in some time. However, the Twitteror-in-chief’s inauguration is like a countdown clock of destruction. At the bottom of my stomach, when I am quiet and still with myself, what the Great Divine Mother whispers through my body is sadness for us all. Deep, utter sadness at this whole…
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Full Moon In Pisces Ritual – Yes Its Tomorrow

So I am trying to construct a full moon ritual, knowing my participants, I am even more loony. One, likely will be hesitant to participate fully, the other will joyously enjoy as much as I can volley. The best course of action is probably to do what I do & let my silly participants work…
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Why I Remained Friends With My Husband’s Girlfriend

& why I am not any longer…. So, there is so much secrecy in the world. In fact, although I will publish this on my site, and it will go out to (I think 3) you via email, I am not going to publish in my normal fashion. Why? Well, mostly, I don’t want to…
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