Dear Mrs. President – We need help!

Dear Mrs. President: See right there, that should impress you and woo you to my cause. Although, I am sure it will take more than that. Let me try to entice you to empathy. I am drowning. Student loan debt is crushing. I will NEVER ever be … [Read More...]

I See A Bigger Picture. Do You?

So this may seem like a funny thing to say given what people know of me but I have to say it. I live a charmed life. There. that is the most politically correct way to say what I mean without offending or being boisterous or whatever. What I … [Read More...]

Knock knock, Judgey McJudger Here

Judgey McJudger is a fictitious friend who we often see about in the world. You know the person. My father would call him or her a pickle-puss. They are people who, instead of looking out at the world with a smile and love, they approach the world … [Read More...]