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It is funny that no matter how hard we try, our natural inclination is toward entropy and disorder. Quite immediately, my "joyful" blog....or my search for "joyful" blog...degenerated into a platform to unleash every rant in my head. In theory, and … [Read More...]

Outreach? Does everything really count?

Of course, I only blog when I get really feisty and no matter how many times I speak a truth, it fails to resonate with anyone or anything. If you have been to any Christian church, the word of every hour is "outreach." In my rudimentary … [Read More...]

Gutenberg and A Citation Lesson the funniest thing on earth would be that I am going to write and post this essay that I wrote for a class, online and then when I sit down to talk to my professor about it, he will run one of those internet searches and say that now he … [Read More...]

Knock knock, Judgey McJudger Here

Judgey McJudger is a fictitious friend who we often see about in the world. You know the person. My father would call him or her a pickle-puss. They are people who, instead of looking out at the world with a smile and love, they approach the world … [Read More...]